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All items sold AS-IS requesting 5000.00 for all the components listed.


All items sold in bulk no separating of parts all sold in lot sale.
141291RJ Rapid Jet Metering Block   (150)
141293RJ-00 Emulsion Tube BLANKS   (87)
5635RJ Screw; Retainer Strap   (2993)
141291 STRIP Strap; E-tube retainer   729
46395RJ Washer; .031 SS   (3425)
1211416RJ Spring clips; cartridge retainer   (3,131)
9020RJ-010 O-ring; .010" Cartridge   (7920)
9020-006V O-ring; .006" Idle Screw   (9130)
1540RJ Screw; Idle mixture   (364)
141291-TL Cartridge Tool; Simple   (96)
141291-TL-BD Simple Tool Body ONLY   (480)
MISC Cartridge - Sized, MISC   (49)
5125RJ Tool; Cartridge R & R   (74)
5635RJ-7 Set Screw; Tool Body 12/24x3/4   (422)
GSKT D Gasket Pack: D blocks   (28)
GSKT BC Gasket Pack: B & C Blocks   (21)
GSKT A Gasket Pack: A Blocks   (3)
RSTRAP Cartridge Retainer Strap Kit   (5)
LUBEKIT Silicone O-ring Lube Kit   (55)
2mm X 4mm Pins + Inst. Too  l (1)

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