Mark Scheib

MARK SCHEIB – Sr. Sales Rep & Sales Department Supervisor


  • Mark has been with BLP for over 10 years and has always been in the sales department.
  • The insiders call him a “Former World Famous Fisherman” but still loves his drag race car.
  • As an owner / driver Mark is ready and willing to listen to what customers want and he will go out of his way to answer questions so an every order is processed correctly.
  • Mark is our “in-house jovial” guy who just gets a kick out of helping customers. With his positive attitude and problem solving skills, sometimes we think he is having too much fun, but customers respond well to the clear and concise information he delivers.

Mark is married and has two grown children. He lives in Orlando, FL and has for most of his working career been directly involved with customer sales in the racing products industry. He loves to race, he loves to make new friends, he loves to eat, and he is always happy. Oh yes, Mark says call me at 1-800-624-1358 to place an order!

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