7MM Pulleys and Components

BLP Has long offered a lightweight 7mm poly v belt system designed to drive engine accessories, such as water pumps, power steering pumps, alternators and fuel pumps. The system uses a 7mm Polyflex belt which offers:
Polyurethane compound for resistance to fatigue, wear, ozone, and most environmental conditions.
Precise casting eliminates layers and overlaps for reduced vibration.
Ribbed backing for lateral stability and reduced bending stress on small diameter pulley.
60-degree angle provides greater support to tensile section for even load distribution.
Working temperature range of -65 to +180 degrees F.
Some advantages of this system are:
Increased room in front of engine compartment.
Increased belt life.
Lighter weight.
Less friction and slower rim speed.
Less inertia required, which improves acceleration.
Weight comparisons:
Average 8.000" billet water pump pulley 34.2 oz.
BLP Poly V Water Pump Pulley 10.9 oz.
Average 5.000" Crankshaft drive pulley 24.6 oz.
BLP Poly V crankshaft drive pulley 5.0 oz.
Utilizing the BLP Poly V Drive system reduces approx. 4-5 lbs off the end of the crankshaft.
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