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JOEY “VINCE” VINCI, - Sales Rep /Shipping

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  • We call him Joey, customers call him “Vince”:       He has been with BLP for several years after working as a front counter Sales Rep. Specialist in the racing parts industry for over 10 years.
  • Previously Joey worked closely with his father, “Roger Vinci” who served as an engine mechanic for Bo Laws – the drag racing guy. Roger now has over 50 years of racing and engine building / tuning experience in the Central Florida area.
  • Grew up in the “Muscle Car” era working in his Dad’s shop engine and tuning shop, Joey probably handled more parts the most of us.

Joey is still single, he drives a very “HOT” late 90’s Camaro with a custom “Vinci” built high performance and well-tuned motor that generates a bunch of horsepower. So every day Joey drives to work he is pumped up to sell carbs and get them shipped out to customers looking to improve the chances to win at the track!

He gets to personally see and pack over half of all the parts sold by BLP and we see him drool over what folks are going to get in the specially packed BLP box …. maybe a nice shiny BIG BO is coming your way!


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