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Tim Kniriem Extreme Street NMCA




Great article concerning one of our customers and test partners Tim Knieriem running Extreme Street in NMCA. Using our BX4 Xtreme series large bore 4150 carburetors.
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The are a couple of methods that can be utilized when setting float level on Holley® Performance and BLP Billet carburetors, depending on the style of float bowl.

As well as needle and seat used. These methods are:

Internal (dry) setting and the external (wet) setting. The internal float adjustment is accomplished with the fuel bowl off the carburetor. An initial dry setting is accomplished with “externally adjustable” needle and seats.by inverting the fuel bowl and turn the adjusting nut until the float surface lies parallel to the fuel bowl casting surface underneath.

An accurate adjustment when using side hung style float bowls, if measuring gauges, such as drill bits, are available. Here, with the fuel bowl inverted, the primary float can be adjusted where there is a 7/64" gap between the “toe” of the float and the bottom of the fuel bowl surface underneath. The float “toe” is the part of the float furthest from where the arm is attached. The secondary float can be adjusted where there is a 13/64" gap between the “heel” of the float and the bottom of the fuel bowl surface underneath. The float “heel” is the part of the float closest to the point where the arm is attached.

A “wet” level float adjustment can be performed on either side or center hung floats, if the fuel bowls using the externally adjustable needle and seats. This adjustment is made as follows. Start the vehicle up, please make sure you are in a well-ventilated area. Allow the idle to stabilize. Turn the engine off and remove the sight plug from the primary fuel bowl to inspect the fuel level. If adjustment is required use a large screw driver to crack loose the lock screw. With a 5/8" open-end wrench turn the adjusting nut clockwise to lower the float level.

Conversely, turn the adjusting nut counter-clockwise to raise the float level. Tighten the lock screw. Restart the vehicle and let the engine idle stabilize. Shut the engine off. Remove the

sight plug to re-inspect the fuel level. The fuel level should stabilize at just below the level of the fuel bowl sight plug hole. Using the same procedure(s) utilized on the secondary bowl.

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