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  • Main Body, Big Bore Dominator

    The modern day high horsepower engines can use a lot more air flow than in the past. Current 500 cubic inch Pro Stock type engines are revving past 10,000 RPM and producing power over 1,300 HP. Large cubic inch engines such as Sonny Leonard’s Hemi engines are 800 plus cubic inches. Even with very creative machining the largest throttle bore you can achieve with a Holley® 4500 main body is 2.200” and even then there is stability and porosity problems.

    BLP has developed a machining method that will enable you to have a 2.375” throttle bore and still maintain the stock mounting hole location. The booster also remains in the stock location and does not have to be offset. This is achieved by machining out the entire throttle bore area past the transfer slot. A billet aluminum throttle bore insert is machined and inserted into the main body. The throttle shafts are bored for needle roller bearings. Special removable transfer slots are installed and then the throttle bores are machined along with the venturi. The throttle bores can be machined up to 2.375”. BLP external linkage throttle shafts must be used. Needle roller throttle shaft bearings are installed. The main bodies can be purchased as a bare main body or as an assembly with throttle shafts and anodized throttle plates installed. You can choose the venturi and throttle shaft size. Available in both a 4-barrel and a 2-barrel split version.

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