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  • BLP Rapid Jet Billet Metering Blocks

    BLP Emulsion-Tube Billet Metering Blocks. Originally designed by Louis Hammel under the RapidJet name; these metering blocks are unique, functional and a fine compliment to our billet metering block line. Emulsion-tube technology is well proven and the design of this system is second to none. Change jets in less than a minute and Emulsion, PVCR, Idle Restrictors, Main Well/Main Well Exit sizes in about the same time. These blocks are a carb-tuners dream. Features Billet Construction of Metering Block (Anodized)
    Brass Emulsion Tube (Maximum Corrosion Resistance)
    Quick Change of Jets, Emulsion System, PVCR, Idle Fuel, Main Well, Main Well Exit Uses BLP Metering Block and Fuel Bowl Gaskets
    Customer-Variable Sizes for Emulsion, PVCR, Idle Fuel, Main Well, MWX and location(s) of Emulsion Stack
    Tube Removal Tool(s) Included
    Degree-Wheel Style Drill Fixture Available
    Standard calibration used in this kit NVH3

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