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  • Gasket, Exhaust

    Everyone knows how important gasket alignment is for intake manifolds on a race engine. The gaskets are glued to the heads and meticulously trimmed to fit the ports. The engine is usually on an engine stand and the ports are very visible. Yet we will install the engine in the race car and use header gaskets with the bolt holes slotted and a universal port opening. Because of the limited visibility in the car it is difficult to check the exhaust gasket alignment and have no way of knowing alignment condition.

    BLP exhaust gaskets are designed to align off of the header mounting holes. The mounting holes are just big enough to get the bolts through. Gasket alignment can be checked on the cylinder head before installing the engine and any matching needed can be done at that time.

    The BLP steel reinforced exhaust gasket is made using a high-density aramid fiber material. It has a high phenolic resin content and special filler system for superior strength, temperature and fluid resistance. The material is densified using a proprietary process to help in achieving excellent sealability and creep relaxation properties.

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