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  • Gasket, Intake

    Since the removal of asbestos from gasket material, we have been searching for a suitable replacement material, and from that search have found a material that is even better than our original gasket material. The product is a high-density heavy-duty high performance material. It is composed of a non-hazardous, non-irritating inorganic filler blend, encapsulated with nitryl rubber, with a small proportion of specially prepared cellulosic fiber. It has excellent resistance to oil, water, coolant, and methanol fuels. It will withstand heat up to 350° and its aging characteristics are excellent insuring long shelf life. This material is excellent for intake manifolds, carburetor and oil pan gaskets.

    Our intake manifold gaskets have several features that make them unique from other brands.

    • Available in 6 thickness' - .015", .031", .047", .062", .095", .125"
    • Port sizes that match current ported heads without having to trim gaskets
    • Slotted bolt holes for easy alignment
    • Gaskets notched for water kits
    • Water outlets have a .750" hole so they can be custom fitted to the many variations of cylinder heads
    • Custom gaskets can be made to fit your port design