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    • Model: 4920
    • Shipping Weight: 6.8lbs
    • Manufactured by: BLP


    500 CFM Classic Series

    Metering Block Used in Kit: 345925-3

    Holley® Reference Number: 0-4412

    Booster Used in Kit: 45206

    These kits contain all of the parts necessary to assemble a complete carburetor. Main jets and air bleeds NOT INCLUDED. All of the parts are packaged unassembled. The main bodies do not have the boosters installed and the base plates are not assembled. Kits can be customized, please contact one of our sales associates for details.

    The kits are available to the professional carburetor builder only and are not available to the general public. BLP does not furnish any calibrations.


    102264-3Throttle Shaft, primary progressive linkage for 4150
    1211416500 CFM Bare base plate, HP series, 2-barrel
    1540Idle mixture screw (2)
    16420Brass center hung float
    1741Float pivot pin
    18135.110 Viton needle and seat
    21572-31Pump discharge nozzle, .031
    23258Pump discharge needle
    23468Pump nozzel check valve, rubber
    25591-50Gas power valve, 5.0
    27152Idle mixture screw seal, cork (2)
    3411341-14150 Primary fuel bowl, bare
    342774Pump diaphragm cover, 50cc
    345925-3500 CFM metering block, 2-barrel, 0-4412
    351074Pump diaphragm, 50cc
    37133Accelerator pump arm pivot
    38110Throttle adjusting spring, 4150
    381216Return spring for center pivot floats
    381490Pump diaphragm spring, 50cc
    39160Needle and seat adjusting nut
    41664Accelerator pump cam, 4150, brown
    452064150 Down leg booster with .158 pilot hole (2)
    4744Pump arm retainer clip
    4794Reusable bowl screw gasket, nylon (4)
    4858-1.400Vent tube, 1.400
    51016Float bracket screw (2)
    51271Throttle adjusting screw, 4150
    5159Vent whistle rivet
    5306Carburetor choke rod hole plug, brass
    5313Accelerator pump passage plug for billet metering block
    5370Pump housing screw, 50cc (4)
    5400RBowl gasket, red
    5401RMetering block gasket, red
    5541-00Press in air corrector, blank (4)
    5542-042Press in idle air corrector, .042 (2)
    5552Standard float bowl screw with hex head (4)
    5567Base plate to main body screw (5)
    5635OEM 4150 throttle plate screw (4)
    5765Needle and seat adjusting nut lock screw
    5854Pump discharge screw, solid
    59171Vent whistle for float bowl
    5979Float bracket
    637414150 Pump arm assembly, steel, 30cc
    63426500 CFM Bare main body, 0-4412
    7107Brass plug for .250 main and idle well (2)
    7225Float bowl sight screw
    7537Brass main body plug, .325
    81185Fuel bowl inlet fitting gasket, 7/8" thread
    81597Power valve gasket
    8540Float bowl sight screw gasket
    8776Needle and seat adjusting nut gasket
    8777Needle and seat adjusting nut lock screw gasket
    8844Pump nozzle screw gasket
    9215500 CFM throttle plate, 1.688, #215

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