BLP Bolt On

Anti-Stick Bracket Installation

External Linkage Kit 49352-Size

Bolt on Anti-Stick Kit 49352BXR-22K

Tools Needed:


.161 Drill bit

10/32 Tap and Handle

Deburr bit

Red Loctite

1/8 Allen Wrench/Driver

5/64 Allen wrench/Driver

¼ inch wrench




WARNING! These instructions must be read and fully understood before beginning installation. Failure to follow these instructions may result in poor performance, vehicle damage, personal injury, or death. If these instructions are not fully understood, installation should not be attempted.

BLP Racing Products cannot and will not be responsible for any alleged or actual engine or other damage, or other conditions resulting from misapplication of the products described herein. However, it is our intent to provide the best possible products for our customers; products that perform properly and satisfy your expectations. Should you need information or parts assistance, please contact our Technical Service Department at 407-422-0394, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time; please have the part number of the product you purchased when you call. For more information and installation instructional material visit our web site at and visit the help center.

WARNING! Prior to and after installing your new linkage system manually operate the throttle lever, checking for any sticking or binding. Failure to do so may result in a runaway engine or a wide-open throttle condition, which could result in engine damage personal injury, and/or death.

NOTE: Make a visual inspection of the carburetor, after installation looking for any missing parts, bent levers, or any possible issues.


To install the anti-stick kit to your secondary throttle shaft you will have to drill the pre-existing hole for the throttle return spring.

  1. Drill the two holes on the end of the secondary throttle shaft using a .161 Drill bit

  2. Tap the two holes to 10/32

  3. Use a deburr bit to remove the burr on the surface of the throttle shaft end so the Anti-stick plate will be flat/flush against the throttle shaft end

  4. Install the plate in the same direction of the secondary throttle shaft end using the two Allen head screws and red Loctite

  5. Install our linkage with the supplied washers and pin

  6. Once the linkage is installed tighten the 8/32 set screw using the 5/64 Allen wrench/driver all the way tight against the pin, then back the set screw off 2 full turns and lock the set screw using the ¼ inch wrench on the nut.


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