BLP Pro-Flow

BLP Pro-Flow


When racing rules allow an open or modified carburetor, the BLP series carburetor can be custom designed and calibrated for your particular racing application. Carburetors are available in gas or alcohol calibrations and are designed for specific racing applications such as Circle Track, Drag Race, Tractor Pull, Mud Bog and other forms of racing.

All the main bodies are CNC machined. The air entry features a special radius and the venturi is shaped for the best combination of air flow and throttle response.


• Billet base plate
• BLP secondary linkage
• Manual secondary throttle adjustment
• Fully polished and machined main bodies
• Replaceable air correctors
• Calibrated boosters
• BLP main jets
• All parts are coated or dichromate
• BLP billet metering blocks
• Special shaped and calibrated floats
• Adjustable emulsion system
• Titanium needles and seats in all alcohol carburetors
• Thinned and welded throttle shafts
• Tuning kit included
• Nickel plated throttle shafts