Carburetor Spacer

Carburetor Spacer


BLP’s carburetor spacers are designed after many years of Dyno and Track Testing. Each design is optimized for maximum airflow. After development each unit is fully CNC machined out of 6061-billet aluminum. This insures that all taper and radius designs are all the same and each spacer has equal performance.

Carburetor spacers are virtually cost free horsepower gains and BLP will be glad to help you choose the right spacer for your application. We can also manufacture carb spacers to your specifications. All spacers are lightened up as much as possible to reduce weight without sacrificing any strength.

For your convenience we have listed the 4 barrel carb spacers by throttle bore size starting out with the 390 CFM carburetor, graduating in size to the 2 barrel adapters and ending with the 4500 dominator series.