Fuel Log

BLP offers a telescopic fuel log for Holley® performance carburetors and our BLP Billet Xtreme Series applications.
Fits all Holley® carburetors from a 0-3310 vacuum secondary to a 4500 dominator. The fuel log is made in (2) parts with one telescoping inside the other and is sealed with (2) Viton® o-rings which enables it to be shortened or lengthened easily.
Equipped with BLP extended fuel inlet fittings for Holley® 7/8-20 to -8 AN Female Swivel or Demon® 9/16-24 in. to -8 AN Female Swivel fuel bowls. Also can be supplied with -8AN or -10AN inlet fitting.
Please add -8 or -10 to the rear of the part number to specify.
Available in black, bright dip finish.
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Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 products) View All