BLP BX4 Billet Drag Race Carburetors

ALL NEW! BX4 Billet Xtreme carburetors are designed for racer that seeks quality and value from their racing carburetor. In-House dyno testing has shown outstanding power improvements over previous cast zinc and aluminum models. Using only "American Made" 6061 material, these lightweight carburetors provide excellent acceleration and throttle response. Features:
Billet base plate
Billet BLP BX4 Lightweight Billet Main Section
BLP secondary linkage
Manual secondary throttle adjustment
Vibratory polished
Replaceable air correctors
Calibrated boosters
BLP main jets
Available in Black Bright dip Anodize coating.
BLP billet metering blocks
Racing Floats
Adjustable emulsion system
Titanium needles and seats in all alcohol carburetors
Thinned and welded throttle shafts
Tuning kit included
Nickel plated throttle shafts
Alcohol versions coated for protection
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products) View All