Timing Cover, 2-Piece

Timing Cover, 2-Piece

Some of the major problems in building Chevy engines are controlling cam walk, oil leaks and being able to easily adjust and change the camshaft. Even when cam buttons are installed the cam causes the stock cover to flex therefore the problems still exists. When the water pump is used for a thrust stop the slightest mistake while installing the water pump can cause serious engine failures by forcing the cam gear against the block. Erratic timing control, worn distributor gears and broken timing chains can be caused from cam walk.


  • Two and three piece construction
  • Replaceable roller thrust button that is easily adjusted to set end play
  • Access hole in cover to check cam end play with dial indicator
  • Any water pump can be used without spacing of pump and pulleys
  • No machining necessary
  • Comes with all hardware and gaskets
  • Timing Tab included