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For Holley 0-3310 750CFM Vacuum Secondary Carburetor

This kit is designed to check the Holley series 750CFM carburetor. All of the test gauges are of the "NO-GO" design which means if the gauge fits into or over the item being checked, the carburetor is illegal. The kit consists of the following gauges:

PLEASE NOTE:    The current 0-3310 carburetors are rated 750CFM with the primary and secondary venturi the same size, 1.435 - 1.438. The older 0-3310 carburetors were rated 780CFM with a primary venturi, 1.373 - 1.377 and a secondary venturi, 1.435 - 4.438. The 7866 checking kit does not contain a secondary venturi checking gauge for the early 0-3310. If you wish to purchase one then the part number to order is BLP 78625.

78601 Venturi Gauge - This gauge will fit around the booster from the top and should not go into the venturi. This would also be a good time to check the venturi bore to see if it has elongated of "Egg-Shaped". This condition will be easy to spot at this time, as the gauge will not go in but you can see light around the front and backside of the gauge showing the venturi has been altered. Do not question a slight imperfection, as a cheated up venturi will be easy to spot.

78602 Throttle Bore Gauge - This tool should not go into any of the throttle bores.

78624 Primary Throttle Shaft and Plate Gauge - This gauge should not go over the throttle shaft and plate combined.

78604 Booster Length Gauge - This gauge will go into the venturi and check the height or length of the booster. If it fits over the booster has been altered.

78605 Booster I.D. and O.D. Gauge - This gauge can be used from the top. One end will check the O.D. and the other will check the I.D. The I.D. is where some will alter to get more air by the booster. If the gauge will fit into the booster it has been altered.

PLEASE NOTE: This particular kit will check 0-3310 with the drop leg style boosters. Please specify if extra booster gauges are needed to inspect the straight booster.

Venturi Bore Pri     1.373 - 1.377    
Booster I.D.     .380 (+ or -) .003
Venturi Bore Sec**     1.435 - 1.438    
Throttle Bore Pri and Sec     1.6855 - 1.6865
Booster O.D.     .620 (+ or -) .010    
Combined Throttle Shaft & Plate, Pri     .1745 - .1765
** For early style 0-3310 that are rated 780CFM.

For some instructional material see us here: Click Here


  • Model: 7866
  • Shipping Weight: 2.3lbs
  • Manufactured by: BLP


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