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BLP Pump Nozzle Repair kit:
Comes Complete with:
(1) 7882-1 Reamer
(2) 7882-2 squirter repair sleeves
(1) 7882-3 .302 (Modified) Drill bit (Aids in stop location)

.302 (Modified) Drill bit (Aids in stop location)

For BLP 7882 Squirter repair kit.
This kit is designed to make it simple to repair the squirter area and still use a solid screw. As with any machining process, it is imperative to make sure you have located the center of the hole in the squirter boss, this can be achieved by first ensuring the body has been secured in a vise.
Use a .161 drill bit or pin to easily locate the center by either installing the pin or drill bit upside down into the chuck then moving down until it locates properly in the squirter boss.
Once you have located the center of the boss, it is highly recommended you measure down the squirter boss to determine how deep the brass seat is in the boss. (Due to being castings the depth may vary in many of these applications.)

Once these steps have been completed you can insert the BLP 7882-3 Letter N modified drill bit into the chuck and drill out the damaged threads which in most cases run approx. .800” deep (may vary). Once your pilot hole has been drilled, blow out the area to ensure no remaining debris is located in the squirter boss.
Then insert the BLP 7882-1 .312 reamer into the chuck, lubricate the reamer with a small bit of oil, then ream down until it stops at the brass seat. Once again clean out the boss for any debris grab your 7882-2 brass sleeve and place it into the reamed boss upside down (Fuel chute area pointing down).
Then with a sharpie or scribe, you can mark the sleeve to determine your cut point. Once marked you will remove any excess material from the bottom side of the sleeve. (Opposite the fuel chute).
You will want to cut .020”-.030” from the outside of your mark.
Once you have cut the sleeve there may be some material (Slag) left over that will need to be removed before installation, this can be accomplished using a file or soft wheel.
Place the sleeve in the newly reamed squirter boss, there should be a small amount protruding from the boss this is a slip-fit install just to make sure there are issues, screw your squirter screws in to make sure no binding, then pull the sleeve from the boss and clean the sleeve and boss to ensure a good Loctite seal. Use 648 Green Loctite, be sure to place it towards the bottom of the sleeve this will reduce the Loctite from blocking the fuel chute area.
Then slip the sleeve into the boss making sure it is perpendicular and once set in place, wait for the Loctite to dry.
Once the Loctite is dry you will need to place the body securely in the vise. Then use an endmill or a file to remove the excess sleeve to ensure a flat seal for the squirter gasket.
When filing or using the end mill make sure not to remove the squirter location block as this will create issues in centering the squirter.
Once this is complete the body is ready to use, the unique design of this sleeve allows you to utilize the standard solid screw without having to switch to a hollow screw in most Holley® cast designs.

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  • Model: 7882
  • Shipping Weight: 1.25lbs
  • Manufactured by: BLP


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