7mm Poly V Crate Spec Motor Drive Kit.

7mm Poly V Crate Spec Motor Drive Kit.




Product Description

Part Number: 9090K-SBCC When the rules mandate a crate motor even the slightest power gain is a plus. The BLP Poly V 7mm system has less friction and slower rim speed than most systems, plus it offers weight reduction over the conventional systems available. Two water pump ratios are available 66% and 88%. Complete kit includes:
(4) 6218 1/4 An flat washer.
(1) 70011-3.000 Drive Mandrel Kit SBC 3.000 (Steel).
(1) 7008-.500 Drive Mandrel Spacer .500.
(1) 7008-.750 Drive Mandrel Spacer .750.
(1) 7008-1.000 Drive Mandrel Spacer 1.000.
(2) 7M615 7mm Poly-V belts.
(1) 7M630 7mm Poly-V belt.
(1) 9030-2-4.000 Dual groove 7mm water pump pulley.
(4) 9035 7mm Water pump pulley bolt.
(1) 9040-2-2.574 Dual groove 7mm crank pulley O/S.
(1) 9060-2.950 Power steering drive.
(4) 9065 Power steering bolts.
(1) 9070-3.950 Power steering pulley.


  • Model: 9090K-SBCC
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: BLP


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