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Several years ago, Bo Laws took a huge risk and purchased the largest new CNC machine that BLP had ever owned.  It was the first generation HAAS EC-400 that was a multi-functional, highly automated CNC machine that could run 24 hours straight with no human attention.  This machine has been producing both standard and custom aluminum metering blocks for our customers with great success.

When Bo purchased the machine he often referred to it as his "4 bedroom beach house equivalent" because of its size and cost.  But, the man knew what he was doing.  Today BLP metering blocks are attached to thousands of carbs that have raced with great success all over the world.

Even so, we often let our CAD-CAM design experts have a chance to experiment and create new stuff. Most of the time we use the capabilities of the EC-400 to see a final production part model.

BLP is pleased to report that even before you read this, our new EC 400 will be producing the new "BX4" all-aluminum carburetor main bodies. This is our newly designed all-billet carburetor with patent pending, just as displayed at the PRI show in December of 2013.  

 The machine......CNC photo 1

This is BIG !

* It Weighs 6 1/2 Tons

*It has a rotary wheel with 70 cutting tools that are inserted as needed.

*It has 6 rotating pallets that pass through for cutting automatically


This machine can be loaded with 48 or more aluminum blocks, be turned on by an operator, then run 24 hours with no other attention.  Of course the blocks do need to be "reloaded" once to complete the machining on underneath sides, but then we get a completed product.

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This is what a 70 piece rotating wheel looks like (through plexiglass)






Thanks to the few willing racers that took a chance and tested our proto-type Little Bo's made late last year. OF COURSE we dyno-tested them first so we knew they were great.  But, we can honestly say the results and endorsements have been terrific!  For more on the subject of RESULTS.... just click the BLP MOTORSPORTS button and go to our RACERS AND RIDES webpage! We will be posting additional news and results as the information comes in.

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