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BLP Racing Products, LLC is “Celebrating 50 Years” in business with a glimpse back of the man who started the company!


Bo Laws began his business in 1965 as a two-man automotive general repair shop named Bo Laws Bo 1969 CamaroAutomotive. By 1970, the small firm grew to five employees successfully tuning and race prepping Corvettes and muscle cars, quickly advancing his expertise to building drag race engines.

In 1973, Bo purchased an old building at 1015 W. Church Street that had been condemned and was part of an estate sale. The building was later expanded to 15,000 square feet and still serves as company headquarters, manufacturing racing products for customers around the world.

Bo, also a very successful drag racer in the late ‘60s, won many NHRA National Events in the Street Eliminator and Pro Stock divisions. His combined success helped to propel the business and solidify bo workinghis election into NHRA Drag Racing Hall of Fame.

In 1990, Laws sold the race engine building and speed shop portion of the business and retained the carburetor division, product development, and machine shop portion which became BLP Products, Inc. BLP continued to manufacture high quality race engine components at the Church street location for many of the professional race carburetor builders and race teams around the world.

Bo retired in 2010, and the company now called BLP Racing Products, LLC. is still working to provide our customers with the service and attention to detail initially brought on by our founder, mentor and friend.

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