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As we move forward into the new year, BLP has been working hard to find ways to service our customers in more convenient ways, along with providing our racing community a platform that is fun and exciting.
BLP introduces the Xtreme Team dedicated to bringing support and parts to our customers.
Introducing the Xtreme Team: Larry Hambey, Joseph Trioli, Joe Hilerio, and Skip Frizzelle.
We will be introducing the team at the first Quick 32 event of the 2020 season scheduled Saturday, February 15th, 2020.
As part of our celebration, we will be placing a 500.00 bounty on each of the Xtreme Team cars in Quick 32 (Joseph Trioli) and Super Pro (Larry Hambey), following the same BLP bounty rules placed in 2019, creating the ability for anyone a chance to take home 500.00! Rules can be found on our website WWW.BLP.COM.

Rules listed below:


Bounty Rules:

Only available for paying participants in Quick 32 or Super Pro classes slated on February 15th 2020 at Orlando Speed World are able to win the prizes.

500.00 Bounty placed on each of the BLP Xtreme team cars in these classes.
When staged to race these cars should you win this round the bounty will now move to your respective car, you will then need to win another round to collect the bounty, in other words you will need to win two consectutive rounds when the bounty is on your vehicle to win the money. This format allows the opportunity for the bounty to go all the way to the final round should no one be able to complete two consecutive rounds the winner of the class event will earn the right to the bounty.


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