When Results Count... We Deliver Quality! And Take It to the Xtreme!. BLP Racing Products

BLP Offers a unique line of Xtreme series tools that allow the carburetor enthusiest or proffessional builder simple solutions for some of the most common problems.

BLP Xtreme Performance tools that provide a simple way to hold your BLP XR, XH & XL series main jets.

With its sleek design makes it easy to remove and reinstall jets with just one tool. A washer on the end can act as a std screw driver when tools are not in a near proximity.

These come with each new carburetor purchase.



If 2020 taught us we have to think a little differently when dealing with our normal routines.

The New BLP Aluminum Multi-Tool, is great for Door Opening and Closing, Button Pushing, Sinks, Elevators, Gas Stations, Toilets, Etc.

And some basic carburetor related functions such as adjusting needle and seats, and changing power valves.

Along with our 7870 jet tools we look forward to bring you some unique tools and items that make your basic task a little easier.




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